Zoo Berlin 2007
Polar Bears in Zoo Berlin 2007

Surroundings of the Zoo Berlin, image provided by http://www.expedia.nl/
Image provided by http://www.expedia.nl/
In October 2007 we paid a visit to Berlin. Please check Berlin 2007 for more photos. One of these days we visited the Zoo Berlin. Main goal: a playful, lovely little handsome guy named Knut. It was a wonderful day. He showed us how to be playful with a little tree trunk or a leaf and how to get dirty as quick as possible. He was as cute as seen on tv.

Katjuscha, Nancy, Tosca and Lars showed themselves close to the window and were quite active that day.

Since that day a lot has happened. Not only did Lars move to Wuppertal Zoo, the fans also have to miss Knut and his human "daddy" Thomas Dïrflein. Hopefully these photos bring back good memories, cause they should be cherished.

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